8/20 – Latin Revolution Nights
DJ Mayket

For Bottles and VIP reservations EMAIL US or call our VIP Line at (800) 554-4092

Artisan latinrevolution Aug6 WED 2014 8/20   Latin Revolution Nights<br /><span style=font size:16px;font weight:bold;>DJ Mayket</span>

Yanelis Entertainment Presents
Latin Revolution Nights

Wednesdays @ 11PM • No Cover!


For bottles & VIP Reservations: Call 702.862.0485 or email vip@artisanhotel.com

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5 Responses to 8/20 – Latin Revolution Nights
DJ Mayket

  1. Maggie Limb says:

    Would like to come with my fiance to dance to latin music.
    What is the dress code for men?
    How much is a table for 2?
    Price of drinks? Thank you.

    • Artisan says:

      Hey Maggie,

      Thanks for getting in contact with us! The dress code is standard nightclub attire. No baseball caps, no sports attire, no flip flops, etc. As for the table… please email vip@artisanhotel.com and they’ll hook you up with a table for 2! Thanks!

  2. Roberto Colin says:

    Hi! Guys, me and my wife are here on town from Colorado and we like to try your place! We love Latin music!! Can you send me more info about tonight event, thanks!!!

  3. joe says:

    cant wait to come! are their good dancers? and is it salsa merengue bachata or house music top-40 etc…? thanks!

  4. alyssa says:

    Hello, just wanted to know about the cover charge. i have 4 people coming a couple from out of town and couple who are locals does do the cover charges apply to any of them?

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