1/20 – Artisan Afterhours Friday
Flash.Gang & Friends

For Bottles and VIP reservations EMAIL US or call our VIP Line at (800) 554-4092

Artisan Afterhours Friday

Voted #1 Afterhours in Las Vegas!

Artisan Afterhours Friday
January 20 // Midnight // No Cover

Flash.Gang & Friends with Special Guest 1AM

$7 New Amsterdam Vodka Cocktails
$150 New Amsterdam Vodka Bottles

For Bottles and VIP reservations EMAIL US
or Call our VIP Line at (702) 214-4000

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9 Responses to 1/20 – Artisan Afterhours Friday
Flash.Gang & Friends

  1. Stephen says:

    This place is it.. Though not all locals anymore, since they started advertising on the strip; the crowd is still just there to have a good time and Groove On. And drinks have skyrocketed but still the only place for House vibes afterhours in Vegas.. Always good Vibes.. Thanks Artisan

  2. DSTNKT says:

    Cant wait for the event march 1st gonna be an epic time

  3. Kris and Mia says:

    is there anything to eat before/during clubbing?

  4. Louie King says:

    http://m.mixcloud.com/louie_king/ my new page. Stay tuned for the latest sets and track productions. By the way, tonight will be epic like DSTNKT says! I’m playing a two hour set with some fresh tracks never before played and my latest composition with a fellow Dj producer Mike Strip. Well, talk is cheap so I’m going to shut up now.

  5. Marc says:

    Congrats Robert. Do us proud bro dj dstnkt

  6. Jacqueline says:

    I thought JJ Flores was incredible! Thank you so so much for having him return! HE is a legend! We love him!!!

  7. rock n Nikki Swenson says:

    We were in town tonight, wanted to get on Vip

  8. BigDeLuv says:

    when coming to the artisan for years trying to figure out how to be an important person always inviting friends always having events how do I get bottles and rooms free

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