Las Vegas Weekly : – Best afterhours: Artisan


Just off the Strip, the Artisan is a popular afterhours stop.


For some people the party never ends. If one venue in this town knows that, it’s the Artisan.


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One Response to Las Vegas Weekly : – Best afterhours: Artisan

  1. King David VIII says:

    Unbeatable Atmosphere: An upscale Renaissance bar inside a very unique resort…

    French Museum style, aristocrat & Bourgeoisie lounge, with proletariat pricing for room, food, and drink.

    Enjoy an ice cold drink surrounded by beautiful ladies, monuments, and masterpieces of art, as the cool air conditioned breeze chills you out. An awesome bar with fun, young, hot employees that delivers a time and world travel experience without the sky high price.

    Thumbs Up!

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