8/8 – Cuban Nights Pool Party
Sounds by DJ Yanel

For Bottles, and VIP reservations EMAIL US or Call our VIP Line at (800) 554-4092


Cuban Nights Pool Party

Saturdays @ 11PM!

Sounds by DJ Yanel

For Cabanas and Daybeds email us at vip@artisanhotel.com or call 702.862.0485

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9 Responses to 8/8 – Cuban Nights Pool Party
Sounds by DJ Yanel

  1. Nene says:

    Free entrance for 4

  2. Elisabeth jackson says:

    My girls and I are coming down for the weekend and we are looking to party

  3. Daniel Carrillo says:

    Please email vip comps for three for the 19th. Me and my two girls are coming in

  4. Jenny says:

    Are the after hours parties toptional?


  5. We will be there hot mama!!! We are also celebrating my sexy ass husband birthday as well.
    Thanks A&G xoxo

  6. Melis says:

    Is this a 21+ event? Do you require even guy to girl ratio?

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