Admit it, lack of sleep in Las Vegas leaves you grouchy and half-crazed and in search of quiet, any quiet.

Met Mark Nelson and asked if I could borrow his hotel for a day, to work.

He sounded surprised.

Pity, because more Las Vegans and visitors should discover the hidden delights of the Artisan boutique hotel.

Boutique hotel?  In Vegas?

Few international guests.  Lots of locals.

The place looks like a movie set for some old British mystery series — dark corners, mirrors and paintings everywhere (especially on the lobby ceiling), heavy brass sculptures, mysterious stone sculptures, and just enough spooky atmosphere to make it feel like a goth hotel.

And that’s just the joint by day.

At night, it turns into a club for hospitality industry workers.  (At Hallowe’en, the club was jammed, with costumed guests lining up around the block.)

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