Photo by Eric Ita

Looking at Thom Svast—the yogi, rock climber and barefoot enthusiast—one wouldn’t guess that the Chicago native is a DJ with a past that included drug abuse who once led a deteriorating “rockstar lifestyle.” After learning the hard way he needed a change, he’s made a 180-degree turn. He put his DJ career on hold, and took on a position as brand manager of tobacco-free nightlife companies Sen5es and Coll3ctive. Everyday, Svast combines his experience in music, nightlife, and personal victories to produce Vegas’ hippest and healthiest parties.

You were a smoker almost all your life. How did you quit?

Cold turkey. I was tired of waking up smelling like a cat just shit in my mouth. I couldn’t breathe and I’m an active person. Its not sexy, it’s not cool.

The Sen5es campaign promotes “feeling your social life.” How do you prove that being smoke-free is sexy?

It’s showing both the DJ and people that go out that you can go to a great party and not smoke. People look up to certain people; Las Vegas is all about the industry, it makes this city go. Were trying to convey a message to the club owners and management that they can be smoke free and successful.

Our concerns are the employees, DJs, bartenders, the cocktail waitresses. Nightlife is their career. If they’re nonsmokers, being in a smoke-filled nightclub for one hour is like smoking 2-10 cigarettes. It’s not fair for non-smokers who get emphysema, cancer, all the side effects.

Shout out to our boy Thom!!!