Some people run for sugar and fat when they need comfort food in Las Vegas;  Cheap Eats orders veggies.

When you’re so “Sleepless in Las Vegas” that you can’t sleep in your own home and you have to escape to hotels just to catch a nap, then you know you’re too stressed to eat.

And when can you get food at a hotel that’s close to what you eat at home?

Please, check the room service menu of any hotel on The Strip and see if there’s anything there close to your home cooking.

It’s not supposed to.  Welcome to fantasyland, where you can pretend all those deep-fried Twinkies won’t hurt at all, and those gigantic steaks won’t seal your arteries, and all that lovely sugar won’t … well, you get the picture.

Only a boutique hotel in Las Vegas catering mostly to locals had what our body most wanted:  Veggies.

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