If you’ve never been to the Artisan Hotel, it is a hoot and a half. Designed…and we meandesigned as a soft-porn, Gothic, baroque, roccoco hideaway, it single-handedly defines the term “overdecorated,” but somehow remains disarmingly charming regardless.

The good news has always been: The bar is stocked with cougars on the prowl (of both hetero- and homosexual stripes), and the rooms come with free porn. How ELV knows these things is best left to the dustbin of history.

Further good news has come about in the past two months, as the Siegel Group has purchased the property, steam-cleaned and freshened things up without compromising the dark, brooding, louche character that defines this one-of-a-kind boutique. (No small mean feat that.)

The other good news is that the restaurant (now called Mood) is now being run by a real chef who is trying hard to put out solid, if unspectacular versions of steak, chicken and seafood standards that will be more than sufficient to soak up some booze, or help you close the deal with that special someone.


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