Watch out, Las Vegas! There is a fresh DJ in town who is rising quickly and not backing down anytime soon! DJ KRYS1S, aka Kris Sabio, is ripping up venues all over!

We were first introduced to him at NU Sanctuary in late September when one of our reporters heard people asking, “Who is this DJ? He is really good!” So we had to find out who he was and quick! We found out that he is only 22-years old and has accomplished so much already:

Nicky Gex: First off, how did you come up with the deejay name, “KRYS1S?”

DJ KRYS1S: It was actually given to me by a fellow deejay and mentor of mine. I just changed the spelling a little bit, because when it’s spelled “Crisis,” it’s kind of boring. So I threw in the letter “k” because my first name is Kris, then I threw in a “1″ to replace the “i”, made it all caps, and you got KRYS1S!

NG: How did your career as a DJ begin?

KRYS1S: Before I got into Electronic/Dance music, my life was pretty boring and mainstream. [Then] 2007 came along and I attended my first Electronic Music Festival in LA: “Monster Massive” at the LA Sports Arena. Going to this one event really changed my life for the better, and I was officially hooked into the Electronic/Dance music scene. Then, eventually I picked up DJing late 2009 and in the past 9 months, I’ve progressed from being a bedroom DJ to a radio DJ/mix show host and rave DJ. Now, I’m able to get bookings around town here in Vegas like “Obsession Afterhours,” Cathouse, NU Sanctuary, and now just recently I attained my very first DJ Residency at the Artisan on Thursday nights. Be there!

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