Seriously, Bret Easton Ellis should sue. (Photo by Tom Donahue)

Goddammmit. Now The Artisan’s status as a tucked-away gem is going to be in peril. They went and invited a Kardashian in. It’s like telling one biker he can crash on your couch and then suddenly six guys in denim vests are blasting Foghat records and dealing meth out of your bathroom. (NOTE: We have no idea how bikers actually work.)

Kourtney Kardashian brought babydaddy and Patrick Bateman clone Scott Disick to The Artisan’s Mood Saturday night to celebrate his birthday, before they closed out the night in the lounge. What, exactly, is the over/under on how many times strangers shout, “Do you like Huey Lewis & The News” at Disick in any given night? It’s got to be around eight, right? Look, what we’re trying to say here is that Scott Disick probably tried to feed a cat into an ATM.


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