Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada

Aristan Hotel Exterior Las Vegas, Nevada

Aristan Hotel Exterior, Las Vegas

Looking for a trendy boutique hotel off the Vegas Strip that’s full of young partiers? Look no further. The Artisan Hotel Boutique is essentially a stylish, art-filled club that you can sleep in.

It caters specifically to a hipper, younger crowd, unlike the luxury gaming hotels you’ll find on the rest of the Strip. In fact, the Artisan Hotel Boutique is a decidedly non-gaming hotel, more oriented towards daytime leisure and nighttime indulgence than the casino culture.

Don’t let the plain, understated exterior fool you. The decor is the other standout at the Artisan, infusing ultra-modern sensibilities with early 20th century Parisian ornamentation and artwork. The Artisan is a refreshing, boutique-style change from the garish offerings elsewhere. You won’t find anything like it on the Strip.