4/23 – Cuban Nights

For Bottles and VIP reservations EMAIL US or call our VIP Line at (800) 554-4092

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Yanelis Entertainment Presenta
Cuban Nights @ 10PM
DJ Shark in the Mix
Hookah Available at the Patio | No Cover

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7 Responses to 4/23 – Cuban Nights

  1. sharon says:

    My friends and I are visiting and just wanted to know the age limit cuban night?

  2. ed says:

    los miercoles es musica de salsa o mesclada y que tal el ambiente para bailar hasta reventar.

  3. Mayte's says:

    Do you guys play bachata cumbias reggeton ect???

  4. ricardo says:

    Hello there. I be going to vegas on oct 23 thru 27. I looking for a place to party. My wife and I dance to cumbias, cumbias sonideras, reggeton, bachata, hip hop, banda, corridos, etc. What kind of music is played here. How far are you guys from the strip. Any Halloween parties that weekend? Thanks.

    • Artisan says:

      Hey Ricardo,

      On Saturdays we have a Cuban Nights Pool Party that plays Latin music, but you might want to check back on our website or on our social networks to see if the event is ongoing (it depends on the weather).

      During the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday afterhours), we play house music. Unfortunately the Halloween parties are the week after, on Oct 30th-Nov 1st.

      As for the strip, we are about 3 mins from the strip (if you’re taking a car), or 0.8 miles.

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